And the Award goes to . . .

Award season has begun!!  And it’s a guilty pleasure to waste my time watching the red carpet and cheering for my favorite films to win.  This year I’m rooting for The Artist, although, truth be told I didn’t see many movies in the theater.

Usually I try to jot down all the movies, TV series, or min-series that I missed during the year with the promise to myself that I will retrieve them from the library.  I lose the list every year; sometimes it does make it to my work desk but then becomes a causality to more important tasks.  This year will be different.

This year our new online catalog allows me to sit here with my laptop and place the titles on hold right away.  Of course if I do that they are all likely to arrive at the same time, and I would need to take a week’s vacation simply to watch them all.  (Actually, that’s not a bad idea.)  Better yet, the catalog has a “For Later” shelf.

I love this feature.  The “For Later Shelf” lets me grab as many items as I like from the catalog and it will remember for me that I want to read, watch, and listen.  Each time I log in the system lets me know which of these items are available right away.  It assures that every time I go to the shelves I will come away with something I’ve been looking forward to seeing.


One response to “And the Award goes to . . .

  1. And the award goes to the high def clip you have at the top of the post !

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