Hi, my name is . . .

Kerry.  I also go by “Rangatira”, a nickname my staff gave me a few years ago when our summer reading program borrowed from the Maori.  It means “chief”.

I’ve worked in public libraries for over 20 years.  I started in my college library, and, after graduating, came back to my parent’s home in northern Illinois.  Since then I’ve earned my library degree, worked in in three different public libraries – all in the children’s department, and found my way up the administrative ladder.  And, I’ve seen a great deal of change.  When I started in my first children’s department, we did not have VHS tapes.  Last year I withdrew our entire collection of VHS tapes to make room for the Blu-Rays.

As I become better acquainted with the blogging world and those blogs specifically aimed at children’s literature, I find a gap that I believe I can help fill.

I’d like to offer the real world of a working librarian – a world that is a few months behind the newest releases (at best), a world where I’m actually a library user discovering what’s on my shelves just like my community, and a world where I struggle to keep up with the theory and make it practical.

I hope to meet you at the intersection of life and the library.  I think it’s going to be an interesting spot to consider the view.


One response to “Hi, my name is . . .

  1. Bravo, Rangatira! I look forward to this view . . .

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